Thursday, November 13, 2008

On to the SG's

Jhasmin Player
Baylor, 5'10"
Defensively, I like my two guards with a little more height, but I found the shooting guard ranks to be a little thin in this draft. Jhasmin will have much to prove after ACL surgery last February when she tore her ACL and sprained her MCL. She is the star of her team and one of the best shooters on my list (FL: 55%, eFG:54%, TS:58%). Her assist and turnover ratios are decent, assisting on 58% of her possessions and turning the ball over on 22%. She is a decent rebounder for a guard averaging just under 8 rebounds per 40 minutes. Baylor's strong RPI puts her at the top of my adjusted Individual Rating and second for adjusted WinScore. Due to her injury, her usage is below average for last season.

Sade Logan
Robert Morris, 6'0"
Sade appears to shoot well with eFG and TS percentages in the mid fifties, but her floor percentage is only 48% which indicates she doesn't score as often as I might like when actually trying to score. Her usage is strong at 32%, with a solid BoxScore, excellent ball handling (56% assist ratio to 4% turnover ratio), and decent rebounding for a guard. The low RPI for her team hurts her adjusted ratings.

Mandy Morales
Montana, 5'9"
Another short guard who shoots really well (FL: 54%, eFG:54%, TS: 60%). She assisted on 60% of her possessions and turned the ball over on 24% of them. She is a decent rebounder at 6 rebounds per 40 minutes, but her decent adjusted Individual Rating and adjusted WinScore keep her near the top of my list.

Krystal Ellis
Marquette, 5'9"
There are a lot of shorter guards in this draft. Krystal is not a great shooter, with only her true shooting percentage breaking 50%. She may be able to translate to a point guard in the W given her low 14% turnover ratio. She is essentially average in the rest of her categories.

Chandrea Jones
Syracuse, 5'9"
Have I mentioned that I am not thrilled with the shooting guard prospects in this draft? Chandrea is another average shooter with a low turnover ratio. She is the best rebounding guard on my list, pulling down 11% of the available defensive rebounds, 9% of the available offensive rebounds and averaging almost 11 rebounds per 40 minutes.

Honorable Mention: Morgan Warburton (Utah), Shantia Grace (South Florida), Maggie Dwyer (Missouri State), Alexis Gray-Lawson (California) and Tiera DeLaHoussaye (Western Michigan.

The Rest of the Candidates: Shavonte Zellous, Brittany Cook, Jasmine Young, Emily Fox, Amber Bland, LaCoya Terry, Juliann Viani, Rachel Porath, Erin Kerner, Heather Ezell, Niki McCoy, Mara Freshour, Tasha Harris, Takia Starks, Antelia Parrish, Jessica Morrow, Abby Waner, Porchia Green.

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