Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My top senior PG prospects...

Kristi Toliver
Maryland, 5'8"
Kristi has a decent shooting rating with 50% floor, 53% eFG and 59% true shooting percentages. She has the second highest usage percentage of the point guards at just under 26% which flags her as a star for her team. She has a decent assist ratio (59%) but a higher turnover ratio (28%) than I generally like in a PG and her offensive rating is next to last on my list. However, her team's high RPI earns her tops for adjusted individual rating and she tops the BoxScores for point guards as well.

Kristi Cirone
Illinois State, 5'8"
This Kristi took the overall shooting prize among point guards with a 56% floor, 56% eFG and 61% true shooting percentage result. She is above average at 22% usage, but any player under consideration better be above average on their team. Cirone is second to Toliver on BoxScore, has a strong assist ratio (61%) with a turnover ration of 25%. Her offensive rating is not spectacular but she has strong RPI adjusted Individual Rating and WinScore rating.

Shalee Lehning
Kansas State, 5'9"
Shalee is right behind Cirone in the shooting arena but only has an average usage of 20%. She meets Cirone on her assist ratio but has the worst turnover ratio of the bunch at 33%. She is a superior rebounder, garnering 16% of the available defensive rebounds for her team and averaging 9 rebounds per 40 minutes. Her team's strong RPI puts her at the top for adjusted WinScore and Individual Rating.

Renee Montgomery
Connecticut, 5'7"
ESPN has her as their top PG, and perhaps she will shine this season, though with Maya Moore on the floor she will never be the star of this great team. Statistically, last season, she offered the lowest shooting score among point guards I looked at. She has a reasonable assist ratio of 50% but a solid 20% turnover ratio. Her great team RPI puts her near the top on adjusted Individual Rating.

Brianne O'Rourke
Penn State, 5'6"
Perhaps too small for the WNBA (though Bobbitt did OK last season), Renee was average in the scoring category, solid in assist ratio (52%) but she must be an excellent ballhandler, turning the ball over on only 8% of her possessions. Also, somehow, despite her height, she managed to be the second best rebounding PG with 13% of her team's available defensive rebounds and averaging 7.5 rebounds per 40 minutes. She had the best offensive rating of all the point guards I looked at by far (110.50), but her team's low RPI indicates her opponents were not as strong as other players on this list.

Honorable Mentions: Amber Guffey (Murray State), Shalee Brooks (Florida)
The rest of the candidates: Briann January, Camille LeNoir, Kristi Smith and Dellana Criner.


pt said...

I looked at the names that you had on your list for this position which were not on my list:

HITS ("I didn't know how good they were till you told me.)
Briann January
Camille LeNoir

MISSES ("What are you smoking?)

Sha Brooks

I'll look at the other positions later.

Patrick said...

Brooks only makes the list because of her 103 point per 100 possession offensive rating (12 in the prospect list). She doesn't register in any other category. She likely shows up because of a scoring focused offense at Florida.