Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Links and Stuff

Jayda Evans has stretched her wings to encompass Husky basketball. Check out her renamed blog (hmmmm...she is stealing the name of the top women's bb blog on the net...).

Also, the Women's Sports Foundation (a worthy program founded by Billie Jean King back when I was just out of diapers) would like to remind you that even with Title IX in place, your daughters may need your help to ensure they get the athletic opportunities they deserve. They have an informational page and a quiz set up for you to learn more and get involved.

Just like the election of Barack Obama to the top job in the nation reminded us what Opportunity can lead to for the children of this nation, I am reminded each time I watch an NCAA or WNBA game of the importance of the Opportunity provided by the passage of Title IX. I may not be a woman, nor do I have daughters, but my life and the life of my two boys is richer because of the presence of the WNBA in my city, and that would never have been possible without Title IX. This is not only from the players and coaches aspect, but also the fact that the four women who kept the team here in this city were products of Title IX as well.

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