Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting to the good stuff, SF Prospects

I leave for Istanbul tomorrow, and though I would love to see Barbara Turner play while I am there, realisticly, I am booked all day and night while I am there. This also means I may not post my PF and Center lists until I get back.

Megan Frazee
Liberty, 6'3"
The Liberty list Megan as a G/F, but at 6'3, she is taller than some of the center prospects this year, and I will place her at the perimeter forward position rather than the guard spot. My first question is why such a versatile player (to play guard successfully at this height, she MUST be versatile) is playing for such a small school (They are ranked 315 this pre season though they ended last season at 21) ? She is a triplet and both her sisters also play on the Liberty team. Perhaps she chose to stay and play with her sisters for four more years over playing a lesser role in a major program, or perhaps she was attracted the school's evangelical roots (Rev. Jerry Fallwell was the founder). Anyway, Megan was tops overall on my overall list, so she was going to go first on whatever list I put her on, regardless. Frazee appears to be an excellent shooter (FL:57%, eFG:53%, TS: 60%) and is heavily used by her team at 30% Usage. She has a great assist ratio (60%) and solid turnover ratio (13%). She has the best BoxScores rating of the group and is a great rebounder for her team, averaging 13 rebounds per 40 minutes and grabbing 15% of the available defensive rebounds and 10% of the offensive ones. She doesn't have a great offensive rating (this could be team pace related) but her RPI adjusted Individual Rating and WinScore are top of the pack.

Angel McCoughtry
Louisville, 6'1"
Angel is another solid shooter with some height at the small forward position. She has a 36% usage rating which indicates she is more important to the success of her team than any of the other players reviewed are to their teams. She has a strong BoxScores rating, a very good assist to turnover ratio and is also a great rebounder for a perimeter player. She pulled down 15% of the available defensive rebounds, 9% of the offensive ones and averaged 11 rebounds per 40 minutes. She offers a better offensive rating than Frazee, but her overall Individual Rating is more down to earth. Her adjusted overall WinScore is second only to Frazee, however.

Danielle Gant
Texas A&M, 5'11"
Danielle is a decent shooter with a good assist to turnover rating, but she is very small for a forward. She is a decent rebounder (DR:10%, OR:10%, R40:9) despite her height indicating either a bulk or desire greater than her competition. Her adjusted individual rating is solid as is her adjusted WinScore.

Marissa Coleman
Maryland, 6'1"
Kristi Toliver has senior help this season in Coleman. Marissa appears to be a solid scorer/shooter but her usage is low for a prospect at 23%. She does offer a strong BoxScores rating and decent rebounding, but it is her RPI adjusted Individual and WinScore ratings that put her this high on my list.

Laura Kurz
Villanova, 6'1"
Laura has decent shooting numbers, but her 47% floor percentage tells me she is not the most effective scorer on her team. She has excellent assist/turnover numbers and decent rebounding numbers, but it is her strong (103.30) offensive rating that gets her into my top five.

Honorable Mention: Rashanda McCants (North Carolina), DeWanna Bonner (Auburn) and Toni Thomas (Cal Fullerton)

The Rest of My Prospects: Jernisha Cann (IUPI), Lyndra Littles (Virginia), Dominc Seals (Texas Tech), Lindsay Schrader (Notre Dame), Antelia Parrish (George Washington), Dominique Duck (Western Kentucky)

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