Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Not much to add.

With Alan Horton and Kevin Pelton blogging, I have been busy reading and haven't had anything to add. It is good to hear from everyone (did we all ask the same question in the media session folks?) that JB's shoulder is stronger from rehab and that her injury periods were on the order of days vs. weeks from last year.

With Brooke Queenan being cut (a day after AD said she was the only one rebounding) I haven't even tried to talk about the bubble post players as of yet, but Mr. Pelton says Shyra Ely is only under consideration as perimeter option now competing with Barb Turner. My guess all along has been that Anne's intention to distribute her 11 player (salary cap restricted) lineup as follows:

5 true perimeter players (Bird, Lennox, Gearlds, Castro-Marques, ?)
5 true post players (Burse, Jackson, Palmer, Robinson, Fluker)
1 swing/combo players (?)

The question marks for me are Zara or Wright as the 5th perimeter player (both can play the 1 and the 2) and Turner or Ely as the swing/combo player (both can play the 3 and a little at the 4 against smaller lineups). T was having a great camp according to all who have had a chance to see and comment, we'll see if Zara gains any ground once she arrives is T is slowed by the injury. Ely is having a fantastic camp as well according to those same people, and Barb Turner's Euro play may really hurt her chances of making the roster if she doesn't get back soon. Of course, there is always the quandry that one pair of competitors greatly outshines the other pair and forces Coach Donovan to choose two pure perimeters or two swing/combo players. With Gearlds length, ball handling (she is getting some practice at the point with T out) and shooting, it gives AD a little more flexbility at the perimeter than she has had in the past. Thompson, Sam and Turner were really only options at the three not the two, and Izi can't handle well enough to play the point. That meant a desperate need for a 6th perimeter as a guard who could play the 1 or the 2, Bevilaqua, Zara and Lawson-Wade being critical to the roster should Bird go down for a few games. With a backcourt of Lennox and Gearlds the ball handling is safe and you could play Izi, Turner or Ely at the three. Things could get interesting in the next couple of weeks.

The phrase "true point guard" is starting to tick me off. It was Darren Fessenden of the Seattle PI saying

Tanisha Wright, the only true point guard among the eight players in camp, hasn't recovered from a pulled groin suffered in Saturday's practice.

I am not one to jump on somebody, but T is a natural shooting guard with enough ball handling skills to play some minutes at the point and not close to a "true point guard."

A true point guard is generally a pure ball handler with strong court vision and great passing skills. They are a leader who knows their team, where they like to get the ball and how best to get the ball to them. They can read a defense in an instant and call a play to dissect that defense and attack the mismatch or the available path to the basket. Maybe they can hit an open jumper in addition to scoring layups in transition. Hopefully they play strong defense with good lateral foot speed. Theresa Weatherspoon formerly of the NY Liberty was a true point guard. Andre Miller is a true point guard. Sue Bird is a modern point guard who adds the skill of shooting and finding her own shot to the "true point guard" list of skills. Steve Nash would be a similar type of modern point guard. Then you have ball handling scorers who can pass like Becky Hammon and Stephon Marbury.

I digress. It is a blog, so I guess that I am allowed.

Welcome back, JB. How's that shoulder doing?

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