Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Before I forget...

You HAVE to read the new "Bird and Dee" blog at the W site. It is a HOOT.


But you know what people overlook? My assists. I was top five in assists, too, last season, which is pretty good.


I know you always like to bring up how you were top five in assists last year, but the truth is that you're able to get all of those assists because you
draw so much attention as a scorer.

Bird again

That said, stop carrying the ball. You carry the ball all the time and I hope the refs start calling you for it as they have been instructed to do in their "points of emphasis" training video. I love that you and Katie Douglas are the examples for people who carry the ball every time.

The Storm dance troupe are looking good again this year...they have merged back to one group with the older and younger kids in one group. I like this format better.

It was another great game.

Betty played with serious heart and gave her brother Clarence a long, emotional hug at the end of the game. Our hearts are with you and your family Betty, whatever the issue, you are in our thoughts.

JB returned to form and pulls down a career high 19 rebounds. I am greedy, I wanted 20.

Katie Gearlds hit her first WNBA three pointer.

The Storm, particularly Izi, simply put the brakes on Taurasi tonight. Cappie had Sue's number, but Izi stopped Diana.

LJ was, well...LJ. I have noticed that her little runner in the lane has made a return for the first time in a few years. I still remember when she was a rookie and that was ALL she had given the coverage she faced in the pre-Sue days. I like it as an additional option to her baseline fadeaway and step-back three.

Penny Taylor got stuck on JB a lot and paid the price with serious foul trouble. They simply could not guard JB down low, and NO ONE on the Mercury was strong enough to box her out.

The bench is still struggling. Katie Gearlds did all right with the starters, as did Wendy Palmer but the bench as a whole seems lost when they are on the floor in force.

The offense still goes stagnant when Sue sits. Tanisha is looking good defensively, but the slower offense has led to 24 second shot clock violations, bad last second shots and turnovers.

The whole family came to the game but the little guy missed his nap today and they left me solo at the end of the third quarter. Connor was VERY happy that the red car run the race and even happier that Doppler gave him a high five and tickled him. "Doppler, he's so silly."

What happened to the Kids at the Key $1.00 food stand? It was closed at 5 minutes before game time...I rely on the 6 Oreos for a buck to make it through 4 quarters with the kids!!! What are they doing to me?

Jayda Evans gave a TV interview at the half to FSNW. She looked REALLY nervous until she went live and then she was all business. Go Jayda.

Mike called from the Sonics this morning to tell me that they got the second pick in the draft, like I hadn't read the newspaper, heard it on the radio, read it on the internet and saw it on StormVision. What a surprise. He wanted me to know that he was saving my seat for me but not for much longer. Unfortunately Mike forgot to check the system before he called me or he would have seen that I ALREADY RENEWED! The last time I didn't renew after they tanked a season and didn't re-sign Brent Barry and I regretted it when they went on to win 52 games and I had to buy a stack of game packs to get the end of the season. Sigh.


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