Friday, May 18, 2007

Another Letter to the Editor

Todays waste of space article at the PI ticked me off to write a second email to their sports editors.

With regard to "Other Voices: Women don't watch WNBA, either" in the 17 May
edition of the Seattle PI...

Mr. Dahlberg is entitled to his opinion. He is entitled to write about whatever he pleases. I do not understand, however, why the editors of the PI felt it necessary to print the article as part of the 2007 WNBA preview. I have never seen an "other voice" article in the NBA preview that says that the NBA is a bunch of overpaid, under educated thugs or any "Why Major League Baseball bores the pants off me?" at the start of the Mariners season. Certainly we don't have anything negative to print about the NFL or our Seahawks.

The fact that the editorial staff felt it necessary to pick up an AP article to add to the season preview of the WNBA as an "Other Voice" contribution says to me that the editors are wasting their time and effort. Why would WNBA fans want to hear what someone, who freely admits has never seen a WNBA game, has to say about the league or women's sports in general?

It is lazy journalism to poke fun at a topic like this particularly when you have no
knowledge about the subject which you are criticising. It has been done for 11 years, and frankly you would think sports writers would have something more interesting to write about and editors would look for something with more worth to fill their space with.

Take a look at what Matt Wurst has to say on about this very topic.


Sue F. said...

FYI, I e-mailed Tim Dahlberg of the AP and invited him to a Storm game, told him I'd even take him to dinner. He accepted.

Patrick said...

Good for you. We may convert him yet.