Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Je visite à Cannes, France pour mon travaille. Cannes, Nice et Monaco sont très jolies.

I got here at the tail end of the film festival (if you are jealous, check out SIFF which is running its festival in Seattle right now!) and while I did not get to see any films I did stumble on a few celebrities. I was out for a run early on Monday and passed the fantastic Bill Murray, and while eating dinner on Tuesday evening was passed by Armand Assante and Orlando Bloom. I typically don't notice famous people, but given the large number of celebs in such a small town it was rather hard to fail to notice a few.

I have had little time to work on the stats from the Silver Stars game last Friday, my "real" job has kept me busy day and night. Top that off with jet lag from a 9 hour time difference (I write this at 2 pm here though it is barely 5 am back home) and I am pretty punchy. Saturday will be an adventure, I leave Nice at 11am, then leave Amsterdam at 3pm arriving in Seattle at 3pm and heading to the game that very night. I am sure the Storm will wake me up.

I will post as soon as I am able to finish running the lineup numbers.

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