Saturday, May 19, 2007

Opening Night

It's opening night and all we get from the Times is an article on former assistant coach Jessie Kenlaw who is now with Houston. Sigh. Remind me why I subscribed to these three papers, silly me.

Jayda Evans appears to have rightfully shamed Storm owner Clay Bennett into attending tonight's near lower bowl sellout game after Jayda critisized him for not planning to attend per Lenny Wilkens comments.

PI rookie Fessenden gives us a look at the players.

The News Tribune breaks a story of a local owner trying to buy the Sonics and Storm and being rejected by Bennett and his ownership team. They also say that the ever fantastic Karen Bryant tried to buy the Storm from Bennett and was rebuffed. Sabey the real estate mogul appears quite serious and has already bought 55 acres of land to build a new arena. What is going on in Bennett's head?

And Wendy Carpenter (the only person to respond to my letters to the editor) covers the Houston coaching story.

I am too pumped to write or even think about the game. I am going to take a long walk at Greenlake and try and clear my head.


Sue F. said...

Re: Bennett. My guess is that he's waiting until some time closer to the October deadline just to make sure there aren't any last minute miracles. After that, I see 3 possibilities. None of them bad if you're a Storm fan.

1. Bennett, after the season is over, sells the Storm to KB's investors.

2. Bennett retains ownership of the Storm and keeps them in Seattle regardless of what he does with the Sonics. (After all, where would the WNBA let him move them?)

3. He moves the Storm (again, where?!). But this only happens with a gutted team. LJ's contract says she will only play in Seattle, Bird just signed a one-year contract so she's a free agent next year, and I suspect Anne's long term contract reads much like LJs. (I wonder how the other contracts read...) [Remember, Sue and LJ both call Seattle home.] With no team in Seattle, one of the better markets in the league, Seattle and KB's investors will immediately be granted an expansion team. LJ, Sue, and Anne will be back under a new name. [Back in December, I asked KB to give me a worst case scenario -- and that's what she told me. As long as KB walks this earth, there will be a WNBA team in Seattle. I'm already saving for next year's season tickets.]

Patrick said...

Karen Bryant may be the only person in the entire saga that I trust.