Monday, April 07, 2008

Three MVP's. One Roster.

Rampant rumors flying about a Storm press conference tomorrow at 4:30 PM PDT.

I haven't seen confirmation from a known journalist yet, but according to the internet chatter the Storm are adding a new player who has won a WNBA MVP award.

The ever knowledgeable pilight has indicated that there are three unsigned former league MVP's.

Cynthia Cooper

Lisa Leslie

Yolanda Griffith

Cooper is retired and an unlikely coaching addition given the prior history with Swoopes. Leslie will never play anywhere other than LA.

That leaves us with Yolanda Griffith in her retirement season.

We'll see how it ends up tomorrow.

Mr. P has his Power Forward break down complete and his mock draft. This is the position with real depth in the draft this year. Three solid players at the top of the list.


Jessica said...

Hi! I read the Sacramento paper article and I was surprised to see that Yo said she's NOT heading to Seattle. It seems to the case that she's coming but then wouldn't she have said it in another way?

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Patrick said...

It is not uncommon for players to deny a move up until the contract is signed. If it falls through she hasn't burned any bridges.