Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Still on Vacation

I am still out on vacation...I will be back next week...I am thinking about what I will do before the start of the season.

I will run numbers on the new Stormies and I will take a stab at pre-season predictions, though I don't believe I have ventured into that territory before.

I am busy here in St. Thomas...I am now a certified Wreck Diver, having spent two days diving a number of wrecks here in the USVI.

While I was under water, the Storm re-signed Ashley Robinson just in time for Media Day. Catch up with all the training camp data via Kevin Pelton at


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about the affect of the Supersonics leaving town? im curious as to ure thoughts.

Patrick said...

I don't believe the Sonics exit will impact the Storm much now that they are owned separately. I believe that Schultz is excluding the Storm from his suit agains PBC since they are now locally owned. It would be nice to see a few basketball fans give the Storm a try this summer and get hooked, but I don't expect much cross-over.