Saturday, April 05, 2008

Final Four Weekend

It is Saturday and the games don't start until tomorrow. To take the edge off my anticipation, I will watch my first (no, I guess second...I did watch WSU in their last game) men's college game of the year. I like to pick up the men's final four so I can see the real players that will be filling the lottery in the NBA, though none of them may actually EVER play a game in Seattle.

The man, Mr. KP, puts out his small forward list...let's see...there is Essence Carson and....and...some other people. The distance between the first and second SF picks in the draft should be sizeable or I have learned nothing about WNBA basketball in the past five years.

Tomorrow is the big day folks. Who comes out on top? Do we get two days of Pat hates Geno stories in every major tournament article and TV special? I am looking forward to watching more of Fowles and Wiggins...I have seen enough of Parker to know she is special...these other two are real treats for me. Thinking about how good Maya Moore is now and what that will mean in her Senior year and how good the draft will be then, and the fact that thanks to Force 10 Hoops KNOW the WNBA will be here in Seattle and I will be able to watch the first two rounds of NCAA play for the next two years if I can get tickets....(that was a lot of ands)....has me really happy.

Cheers and enjoy the games!

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