Thursday, April 03, 2008

Storm News

The Storm added some camp fodder yesterday.

Former Husky Kristin O'Neil and returning guard Doneeka Lewis head the list of four which also includes Mercury cast off Leah Rush and Comets discarded 2001 first round pick Dee Davis.

O'Neil played out of position her last year at the UW and more than half of her shots were three pointers with a dreadful 28% success rate. She didn't fare much better in prior years, with her first year offering a dismal 34% with around half her shots from that range. She has good size for a point guard prospect at 6'1", but I don't see her sticking unless her shot selection and shooting percentage has improved.

Lewis will be competing with her twin sister Roneeka but I don't see Doneeka making the roster either.

I couldn't even be inspired to run the numbers for Rush and Davis who have barely played in the W. If Rush couldn't make the Comet's roster last year I don't see her lasting in the Storm camp. They might be candidates for midseason injury replacement.

Mr. Pelton puts himself in front of the camera with new Storm member Sheryl Swoopes and writes a nice piece on her community visits made last week.

Most importantly, he starts his draft review with the position I am most interested in, (the same one I have been asking to be covered for the past three drafts) point guard. He looks at three of the guards I talked about last week, Swanier, Bobbitt and Zoll, but points us towards two others I haven't seen, Angela Tinsdale from Baylor and Erica White from LSU. Oh, wait...I did see White and will get to see her again on Sunday. Maybe this time I will notice her. It was hard to pay attention to anyone but Fowles in that game. The consensus #2 pick is just such a passionate force down low that I don't know who else plays on that team. Van does favor a star focused system (remember Houston folks) but I really don't remember anyone but Fowles in that elite eight game. Besides, like Bobbitt, I think White is just too small for the WNBA, and without a three point shot I don't think she fits the Storm roster. I still like Zoll first and Swanier as a fall back if Zoll is not on the boards. A'Quonesia Franklin from Texas A&M played well in the tournament, but I don't see her stock rising in the draft.

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