Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The news just keeps rolling in....

I am still on the road and have lots to do today.

I guess defense and rebounding DO win championships...we should have listened to you Pat Summitt. Tennessee crushed Stanford last night, though I was forced to miss the game due to business meetings. I hoped to see that fluid Stanford offense pick apart another defensive team, but in the end it looks like they choked when faced with the determination and experience of the defending champion. Parker cements her legacy with the Lady Vols and Pat Summitt thinks about how to rebuild with her five starters graduating this year.

Brian Agler continues the trend of pleasing me, he picks up three all star players with strong defensive skills and veteran leadership and then says he intends to bolster the backcourt in the draft with a point guard. He also says that he has plenty of money. He wants JB and Ashley back, but A-Rob is looking at offers "from other teams." We suspect the Mystics are one of those teams. Kevin Pelton reports that A-Rob has turned down some offers already but today's draft could affect whether A-Rob stays or goes. He also says Coach Agler is NOT likely to trade up today, though it has been discussed. If he were to trade up JB could be a part of that deal meaning A-Rob's importance to the Storm rises. You can listen to Yo talk on the Storm site.

The big question today is who will be available when pick number 22 rolls around? Did Ketia Swanier raise her standing with her solid tournament play to become a top 20 pick? Does anyone decide that Zoll is a top 20 pick? I hope that second round point guard hunters look to 2 time NCAA champion Shannon Bobbitt first since her height puts her lower on my list.

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