Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Vacation Time

Thankfully little has been happening this past few days, but I remain on vacation and am accomplishing little outside of playing with my kids and enjoying the sun here in Florida. LJ has announced that she is done with the WNBL in Australia and will be playing the next three years exclusively in the WNBA and a Korean league. The Korean league is apparently paying her enough in that three year contract to lay a core economic base for LJ's post basketball years. Good for you and congratulations on another title. I liked the tenor of Jayda Evans article on Betty Lennox in the Seattle Times last week. Betty chose a less than max two year deal from Seattle over a more lucrative three year max deal from another team (among other offers) to remain loyal to her team and her fans in Seattle. It was great to hear the mutually positive comments from Betty and AD, but the personal note in the quotes leans me towards accepting the comments at face value moreso than I normally would. The article notes the rumoured Wendy Palmer-Daniel negotiations and confirms LJ's verbal commitment to the Storm.

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