Friday, February 03, 2006

Signs and Trades

Indiana and Phoenix kick things off today swapping offense and defense. Phoenix goes for defense picking up Kelly Miller from Indiana and Indiana gets a shooter in Anna DeForge, who was not all that shabby on defense either. Strangely enough Kelly boasted a stronger offensive rating in 2005 than Anna, but then again, Anna was sharing the back court with Diana Taurasi. I expect to see Anna's offensive numbers soar this year. Indiana thrived on their defense last season, but the Sun showed them that offense was important, too. Look to see Indiana be an even bigger player in the east this year.

PlayerTeamDef. RatingOff. Rating
Kelly MillerIndiana66.87110.18
Anna DeForgePhoenix77.77100.41

Indiana bulked up both their offense and their defense as well by signing free agents Charlotte Smith-Taylor and Olympia Scott-Richardson in a hyphenated name dual signing.

PlayerTeamDef. RatingOff. Rating
Charlotte Smith-TaylorWashington95.57109.44
Olympia Scott-RichardsonSacramento73.7768.94

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