Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Coaching Numbers

Here is a WNBA numbers look at new Assistant Coach Heidi VanDerveer...

Lynx from July 16, 2002 through the end of the 2002 season:
3 Wins, 6 Losses

Monarchs from July 29, 1997 through the end of the 1997 season:
5 Wins, 7 Losses

Monarchs for the 1998 season:
8 Wins, 22 Losses
Offensive Rating: 88.38 which was 6.46 points below the league average for 1998.
Defensive Rating: 96.04 which was 1.34 points worse than the league average for 1998.

She only coached half the 1997 season for the Monarchs, but her 1998 team allowed 4 points less per 100 possessions than the 1997 team. The 1998 team did have the added advantage of defensive point guard Ticha Penecheiro and defensive forward Adia Barnes as well as the blocking presence of Tangela Smith.

Overall the three teams were poor offensive teams with average defense. Unfortunately it is hard to see how her past records will help us understand her potential contributions.

Coach VanDerveer has coached Storm players Betty Lennox and Janelle Burse during her tenure as an assistant and head coach for the Lynx.

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