Friday, November 18, 2005

The Mystics are complaining in the press about the return from retirement by Stacey Dales-Schuman. I think they need to stop whining and move on. Dave Cowens saw her name on the unprotected list and did the smart thing, HE CALLED HER AND ASKED HER if she wanted to play again. If the Mystics were so hot to keep her, then Lynda Hargrove should have tried the same thing. A player can go in and out of "retirement" whenever they like, and if you don't keep tabs on them, then you let something like this happen. From what Stacey has had to say so far, it seems that her retirement may have had more to do with being stuck on the Mystics roster than anything else previously speculated. Ethics in this are not relevent. The Mystics should have been keeping their own house in order and running their business. Cowens has shown that he is already a savvy planner, opposing coaches better watch out!

With the upcoming draft and free agency possibilities, the Sky may not be mired at the bottom next season, though Charlotte and San Antonio might like the company. They have some solid starters and some solid bench players...we'll see what they do next.

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