Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I said that I would track down the Lady Vols on ESPN2....if you want to check out red shirt phenom Candace Parker in action here it is:

12/1/2005 ESPN2 7:00 EST vs. Texas
1/23/2006 ESPN2 7:30 EST vs. Duke
2/9/2006 ESPN2 7:00 EST vs. LSU
2/12/2006 ESPN2 5:00 EST vs. Vanderbilt
2/16/2006 ESPN2 7:30 EST vs. Georgia

Their SEC tournament games will also be aired on ESPN2 with the schedule TBA.

I have to rant a bit here about the "Lady" tag in front of school team names. I find it a ridiculous and virtually infuriating practice. My own school dubbed its women's teams the "Lady" Tritons. This is beyond foolish since a Triton is essentially a male mermaid. This means that our women's teams were really the Lady Male Mermaids. Give them their own names or stick to one name for all your teams. The tag addition carries subtle insinuations of status that are not favorable...we don't see any teams named the Gentlemen anything, so drop the tags.

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