Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I am on the road this week having my most whirlwind tour ever, spending the night in six different cities in six days. I am on my third day, third city and already feeling the effects.

You know the off-season is going to seem even longer than it actually is when you find yourself reading articles on the pets of WNBA players. For those that haven't already checked it out, Sue Bird doesn't have a pet, though she had a dog growing up while LJ is mourning the passing of her 18 year old cat and talks of her new dog's fear of her remaining 16 year old cat. Oh, and Katie Douglas' dog is quite cute, and I swear they have the same smile. Perhaps next week we can enjoy articles on their favorite school lunches from elementary school.

Sue Bird and Betty Lennox are the only two Storm players to earn nods for Strong Plays from last season.

How long before the draft perks up our interest?

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