Tuesday, November 01, 2005


The Canberra Capitals continue to struggle with Lauren Jackson injured, falling 69-60 to the Bulleen Boomers in Round 5 of WNBL play. Tully contributed a nice floor game with 3 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists, a blocked shot and 4 steals. They really need someone to pick up the scoring however. The Boomers outscored them in 3 out of 4 quarters of play. The Capitals were led by WNBA Washington Mystics guard Alana Beard who chipped in 22 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 block and 2 steals. She had very little scoring support with only Eleanor Sharp and Kellie Abrams adding double digits at 11 points apiece. Jenny Whittle ended her double digit scoring run with a 6 point 9 rebound performance. The Boomers were led by Katrina Hibbert (22) with scoring support from Hollie Grima (15) and Desiree Glaubitz (10). The Capitals really surrendered the game with poor control of the basketball, they committed 25 turnovers for the game. Kellie Abrams and Eleanor Sharp were the worst culprits, with almost half of those turnovers shared between them. Newcomer Alana Beard added 4 turnovers herself as she acclimates to her new team's offense.


The WNBA shares player's memories of Halloween on their site. Our own Seattle masked lady, Sue Bird was once Oscar the Grouch (now that MUST have been quite the costume) and the now injured Lauren Jackson could use a little magic to heal her tired bones, alas her stint as "the best witch in the world" was merely for one night. Swin Cash as Tina Turner, hmm, I bet she could have taken DeMya Walker's pink haired Gem anyday.


Want to know how hard the end of the season was for Lauren? WNBA.com interviewed players, LJ's first comment is the team's inconsistency and they way they "bombed out in the first round." Her highlight finally comes off the court in the time she spent hanging out with Sue and her other mates. Her buddy Sheryl Swoopes rubs it in by citing the comeback against Seattle in the first round as her team highlight of the season. Sue Bird points to the All-Star weekend, and calls Ticha Penicheiro dribbling through 7'2" Margo Dydek's legs in the finals the best play of the season.


If you are a US citizen and you follow women's sports of any kind, please contact your local congressional representatives to let them know that the recent "clarification" added to Title IX needs immediate repeal. The new policy allows schools to meet the interest gauging metrics by sending a mass-email to their female students asking if they are interested in participating in sports. Students who do not reply are counted as NOT being interested lowering the requirements for the institution to fund and provide athletic opportunities for women. With the prevelance of SPAM and traditionally low responses to email surveys, this could seriously impact the current investment in women's athletics that Title IX has created. Since the majority of money in sports comes from the male athletics, there will be no business reason for schools to continue to invest in women's athletics. These are institutions of LEARNING and should not be driven by business, but by the needs of our children. You can learn more about the issue and email your congressional representatives here.

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