Sunday, November 20, 2005

I am going through my +/- data and determining the +/- numbers for various lineups. This has uncovered a few errors in my early games, so I will be reposting the original numbers as a new post once I get through the season.

I have not found a good way to store the data to make analysis more flexible yet. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. As it is, I have to recompile all the original data manually to look at lineups and clutch values. I may look at adding in court locations for shots for next season, it depends on how well the official stats record this. It is well recorded for the NBA, but I am not so sure about the WNBA.

I read a good article in this week's ESPN The Magazine on Tennessee's Candace Parker. They were hyping her return from knee surgery and calling her the "female Lebron James." She is 6'3" and plays the two guard. She has a 27 1/2" vertical which proves that the floor is NOT the limit for the woman's game. The young players are tuning their athleticism and we will be seeing more and more above the rim play as the game continues to evolve. I hope the fundamentals don't drift as much as they have in the men's game, but it will be exciting to be able to watch the evolution over the next few years.

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