Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Shame on me.


I said yesterday that I credited that free throw in the Connecticut game to Bird and Paul Swanson credited it to Beck incorrectly. The truth is, he had it right and I am the one who credited it to Bird. I found the right spot in the game but did my math backward about who had the point credited where.

Sorry Paul.

Anyway, now my numbers are perfectly lined up with Paul's so we both can have a high level of confidence in the numbers. I just have to remember not to be lazy and to use Paul's daily data as a sanity check for my numbers. Going back through my 2005 numbers shows how easy it is to make mistakes despite triple checking. My current system is better, but I can still throw the whole thing off with a typo in the floor lineups or a wierd substitution at the 0:00 mark of a quarter during free throws.

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