Tuesday, August 05, 2008


The Olympic break has given me a chance to do two things I would not have gotten around to otherwise. First, I had the time to go back and check accuracy on my plus minus numbers for individual games. For the first time since Paul Swanson started tracking numbers for the league, he and I line up with my current data (which differs from numbers posted earlier last week). Well, almost line up. We are off by a single free throw in a single game where Beck was substituted for Bird at the end of a quarter between two free throws. I credit it to Bird who was on the floor when the foul was committed and Paul credits it to Beck who was on the floor when the free throw was made.

Since my corrections impacted precise numbers but not any orders (we are talking about a few points to individual players/lineups here and there), I won't repost until the end of the season. I will however continue to validate my numbers against Paul's now that we seem to have the same approach to crediting points. In previous years we varied more frequently.

The second task I am working on is to convert the 2005 season plus/minus data to show lineup, player pair and positional data. That was my first season tracking plus/minus and my system was less efficient. I have already found a number of errors (though I tripled checked that data that year) because of the need to track lineups. I am almost halfway through that season. I will post it once I have finished.

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