Saturday, June 07, 2008

Seattle vs. Detroit: Game Preview

I don't have much to say that I didn't already say for the game on Wednesday. The only difference is that the Storm will have the crowd behind them to help them rally. Detroit showed that the Storm can beat them. Katie Smith shouldn't have another game like the last one, but the Storm need to make sure she doesn't heat up early.

  • LJ needs to keep up the solid work from the game in Detroit. She mixed up inside and outside play well.
  • Swin needs to settle down and let the game come to her.
  • Either Bird, Swoopes or Gearlds needs to find their outside shot. LJ needs some help, and the Shock have been weak against strong shooting perimeter teams.


  • Control the defensive glass. That is how Detroit is winning games. They are getting too many second chances.
  • Get the perimeter under control. Smith, Hornbuckle and Nolan are going to put a lot of pressure on the Storm at the other end, they need to return the favor at this end.
  • Get physical with Katie Smith. She struggles more when you run her off screens and push her around.

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