Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Expect Great ads...

The next generation of the "Expect Great" ad campaign is making the rounds with league marketing using the Rebkell forum as a focus group. These ads are intended to air during WNBA televised games and are targeted at the core audience of W fans which have them taking a more positive spin than the first generation which were targeted at male NBA fans during the NBA Playoffs.

The Diana Taurasi ad is about being "in the zone," and seems a touch forced. Diana moves a little too much and her voice is almost too strong.

The Sue Bird ad is about a desire to win. It works and has good footage that lines up with what Sue is talking about. She is a tad to cute at the end for my tastes.

I like the response the league has had to the strong negative response from the fanbase with regard to the ads. Advertising is an imperfect profession and it can be quite difficult to hit the right spot with the right audience at the right time. When they hit they can be brilliant. More often than not, they simply miss the mark.


pt said...

I agree with some of the posters on Rebkell -- namely, that the criterion for picking the clips correlated more to the announcer's enthusiasm than anything else -- but I also like these clips a lot more than the self-deprecating stuff.

Everytime you say "I can't so something", even in jest, half of the world will immediately agree with you. This is true if you're a WNBA player, or anything else.

Patrick said...

i am still not a fan of the format, but i do agree these are better than the last batch.