Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More new blogs

So, womenshoops blog asked the question today as to why readers might not be reading the new "Rethinking Basketball" blog, my answer is...I didn't know it was out there. I agree with them, well worth the read. Quality writing, insightful topics and worth spending some time getting caught up on something cool you may have missed.

There are some great new blogs out there. I am amazed each day by the brilliant, creative and passionatr fans the WNBA attracts. We are blessed to have such a rich community.

On another note, I got a ping from a new site called which happens to have a quick blip of an interview with Candace Parker after her first dunk earlier this week. Kudos to the site for carrying the topic and more kudos to them for reaching out to the community to introduce themselves.

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