Friday, May 09, 2008


Tanisha got back from Israel, and the Storm waived Quigley (saw that coming) and Doma. Agler was high on Tanisha after she put up big numbers against his Silver Stars last season when Sue was having surgery, and he appears to continue to be high on her, at least as far as defense is concerned. She was league MVP in a league with some good WNBA players, though, so she may bring some surprises, especially if Agler decides to play her mostly at the two guard. Beck and Kennedy have played well in camp, and Agler seems to really like what former Husky Kristin O'Neil brings to camp, but more cuts have to come with Bird and Jackson due to return next week.

With Janell Burse out for the season with injury, there is some room in the Storm salary cap. Burse was cored meaning she would have made the maximum salary plus the coring bonus for around $97,000. You can fit almost three rookies for that price, but more likely the Storm will look for adding a mid-priced veteran. They may go for 12 players instead of the original plan of 11 players given the extra space. At the moment the roster looks a little like this...

PG: Bird, Lewis
SG: Swoopes, Wright
SF: Cash, Gearlds
PF: Jackson, Ely
C: Griffith, Robinson

Bubble players: Hodges, Kennedy, Santos, Beck, O'Neil

I put Lewis in the backup PG spot because of the poise she has shown thus far in camp, but Beck could still have a chance. In truth, Robinson can play both post positions, Ely can play the 3 or the 4, Gearlds can play the 2 or the 3, Wright can play the 2 and a little 1. That gives Coach Agler some options, and he can still pick up 2 players. I think he needs one more post player with JB out (Santos?) but perhaps Hodges or Kennedy can still make the roster. O'Neil can play multiple positions, but I am not sure that she has stood out enough at any one of them to make the team as another combo player. I think it is going to come down to a tough choice between Hodges, Kennedy, Beck and O'Neil.

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