Friday, May 16, 2008

Scenario Two is the winner.

Word from camp via Jayda Evans is that Doneeka Lewis was the final cut. It appears was more worried about the depth of the post than he was about using Tanisha Wright as insurance should Kimberly Beck not work out.

I am actually prepared for the season from a data perspective. I have updated my 2008 spreadsheets and have some more automation built in to allow me to run player, lineup and player pair +/- data throughout the season. It adds a few minutes of work per game, but now I don't have to wait to run numbers to get the "current" state of things since everything rolls up to my summary sheet.

Hey tomorrow is opening night and estimates are for the LARGEST home opener yet with more than 13,000 expected. Jayda also says that Sylvia Fowles wants to dunk tomorrow night.

Let's rock the house.

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