Saturday, May 31, 2008

Storm vs. Comets Preview

I have a busy day tomorrow. I am diving all morning and we have the early game at night, which leaves me two hours in the middle. I am going to try and get through this quick.

Houston has yet to win a game, despite playing competition that is not top of the line in Minnesota and Washington, with losses to Detroit and Sacramento as well.

Tina Thompson is the focus of the offense, with former Sparks Tamecka Dixon and Mwadi Mabika as well as former Monarch Maiga Ba helping out. Michelle Snow has been unimpressive to start the season and it appears that she may never be the player she has the potential to become. In fact, Sancho Lyttle, her backup is playing better than the starter. Rookies Matee Ajavon has been a real surprise, stepping in off the bench to be the team's second leading scorer averaging 10 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 3 turnovers. Fellow rookie Erica White had a solid game off the bench against Sacramento and has played well so far this season.

  • Shooters seem to do well against a weak perimeter defense from Houston. LJ will draw attention down low, particularly after Friday's game, so she needs to find Cash, Bird, Swoopes, Gearlds, Wright and Ely on the perimeter. Each one of their opponents has had solid guard scoring.
  • Tina Thompson always plays LJ hard, but LJ needs to keep her busy at this end so that Tina has less left over at the other end of the floor.
  • Detroit and Washington dominated the offensive glass vs. Houston, Seattle needs to follow suit.
  • Snow is going to help on LJ so Yo needs to be ready for the high/low pass and make her chippies.


  • All things will run through Tina. Stop her and the Comets are done.
  • Play early defense like they did against San Antonio and this team will not have the confidence to attempt a real comeback. You have to break them mentally early in the game.
  • Thompson, Snow and Lyttle are big AND athletic, they can abuse Agler's "small ball" lineups, don't be afraid to play Robinson for her defense if the smaller benchies start giving up points.

I am looking forward to another fun game...I'll see you all there.

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