Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sim your WNBA matchup...

I have never been a big fan of internet basketball simulators, though they are fun to putz around with every once and a while. has added a WNBA simulator with 2008 rosters to their offering. They also have 2006 data, but the rosters are without named players. When they end up with multiple years of data you can actually do things like have the 2004 championship Storm take on the 2008 Storm and see who wins.

If you want to play with single games, try the following link:

If you want to runa playoff series, go this way:

I am considering running the sim before each game just for giggles to see how the sim compares to the actual game. I will publish results in my game previews.

The Peltonator has a nice riff on how great Swin Cash has been for the Storm this season.

There are people upset with the Lynx "Primal Aggression" advertising campaign which uses images in print and television where star Seimone Augustus' face is split imaged with an actual lynx growling. The fury is over whether the ad is offensive to women or african americans because of the animal imagery. It has been linked in some articles to the controversial Vogue cover photo of the NBA's LeBron James and model Gisele Bundchen which many felt reinforced racist images of the black man as a dangerous ape "stealing" the slight white woman. I thought the hullaballoo over that cover was a lot of over-reaction, but at least I get what offends people. I just don't get what the issue with the lynx ads happens to be. I am curious if anyone else is offended and can share their opinion in the comments section.

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