Thursday, September 13, 2007

Passing on My Addiction

I still have the finals, and I am an NBA fan, so it takes a little while for my WNBA withdrawal symptoms to kick off.

My son on the other hand, has apparently got them already. He grabbed the newspaper away from his mother this morning and demanded to see LJ. She tried to explain to him that she wasn't in the paper anymore since she isn't playing and he stomped his foot and said I want to see LJ and Sue and Betty!

Fortunately I had the answer and pulled up the official end of year slideshow from the Storm homepage. He was satisfied after naming his favorite players and making comments like..."oooh, Sue looks mad....LJ is silly....look, look Betty!" Hopefully that will hold him over for a while.

Slade Gorton has gotten involved in the battle to keep the teams here locally. I'm not a big fan of the man's politics, I voted to oust him from office, but I like the celebrity involvement. I am glad to see the local pols gearing up for a fight. It has been a lonely year. I have to give a ton of credit again to the Steve Pyeatt and Brian Robinson for their excellent work mobilizing the city and other resources to get involved. Please show your support for their may not care for the NBA or the Sonics, but they have been committed to keeping the Storm in all the discussions and treating this as a basketball issue, not an NBA issue.


L.J. said...

That is awesome... how old is your son?

Patrick said...

My three year old is the basketball addict, his eight year old brother claims to hate all things basketball (except ps3 versions). I may have ruined him by dragging him to two years of 41 sonics games each and then coaching his firs B&G Club league team.