Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Game Three


Obviously I am disappointed in the final score of the game, but it is hard to be disappointed in the overall game itself.

This WNBA finals is, like last year, proving to be a coaching battle extraordinaire. Each game is showing savvy adjustments by the coach whose team lost the last game. The key difference in this year over last is the battle of will ON the court. Last year one team or the other was in clear control in any given game based on the coaching choices. This year the coaches are just giving their team an edge and it is the will of the players that leverages that edge. Phoenix will not go down easy. When Lambier wins the coaching battle the game remains close. When Westphal wins the coaching battle, Phoenix takes over the game.

Katie Smith found her stroke finally and her play made the difference. Somehow she kept up her tireless defense while suddenly finding the ability to hit any shot she wanted. I give game three to Smith and Lambier. That tandem decided the match, though if Phoenix had been able to have a few more of their shots fall it wouldn't have mattered.

Game 4 is going to be a blistering, desert battle. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Katie found her stroke. Heh heh.

No seriously, it was a kick-ass game!! Big ups to Detroit. Go ahead and knock it out in Game 4 and bring home the championship!

Patrick said...

Detroit doesn't have a chance tonight. Game 5 will be a true battle for the ages. I wish it didn't have to compete with football or we might win a few more viewers.