Sunday, September 09, 2007

Game Two

Ah, that's more like it.

Thank you, Ms. Taurasi, for responding like we all hoped you would. You were fantastic. And by the way, if you and Baron Davis do combine DNA for the worlds greatest PG battle with Sue Bird and Magic Johnson's genetic offspring I want to be his/her agent. Heck I'll take either kid in that matchup.

Is this the highest scoring WNBA finals in history?

Hey, Phoenix, after watching two days of "Detroit" basketball, do me a favor and show the league and the national television audience how a REAL city supports its team in a CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! Come on. Game one looked like 3,000 people. Game two looked better, but folks, really. In 2004 all three games, one in Connecticut and two in Seattle, were sold out. There was not an empty seat in Key Arena for either game. I know Phoenix can represent. Fill those seats. The air conditioning there can handle the heat from those hot Mercury shooters, believe me.

I think the editors at the Seattle Times are reading my blog.

From the sports editorial page today...
Jackson is like family. Storm regulars talk about how they have watched her grow and mature as a player. And Jackson has always made it clear she has made Seattle her home, and wants to keep playing here. The connection between Storm fans and the team, and with Jackson, is strong and personal.

I am so glad someone else has noticed AND bothered to write about it. She is family. She is like the little sister I never had (mine is 16 years older than me) who would have been way taller than me and probably beat me up when I told her that Marilyn Manson was lame. Maybe I am glad she wasn't my sister. She would have beat me at basketball all the time, too from the time she was like ten and was already as tall as me at 19. Sigh. Maybe my jump shot would be better, though, my buddy John could never guard me and my brother was almost 6'9" so he couldn't really play with me. He could guard my three point shot from the foul line. If he hadn't gotten so heavy in his last years he would have had a speed advantage over me as well. I mostly played point and just passed him the ball near the basket. There wasn't really anyone at the playground who could guard him down low at 6'8"+ and 380 lbs. Boy...I am rambling today. Too much dim sum.

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