Friday, September 07, 2007

2007 WNBA Finals

I don't like the Detroit Shock.

I like Katie Smith. I like Deanna Nolan, heck I even like Bill Lambier. I LOVE Cheryl Ford.

I just don't like the Detroit Shock.

I loved the Shock in 2003 when they unseated the LA Sparks and stopped Lisa Leslie's attempt at a three-peat and establishment of the second WNBA dynasty. I was thrilled for them. Unfortunately, with Lisa out, they are the new LA. They are the team you love to hate.

I am ticked at Diana Taurasi for letting the game and the refs get to her in game one. No matter how the game is called, Diana brought the trouble on herself. She is so much smarter than she behaved that night. She controlled her fourth, fifth and sixth fouls, not the referees. She knew they were going to make those calls, she was in control. After all the talk about wanting to follow Lebron James' example in his first finals this year she was the anti-Lebron. He channeled his frustration into passion and stepped up his game. She allowed it to erode hers. The only thing they may end up with in common is a lost opportunity.

On a nicer note. LJ finally won the MVP officially. We already knew it, but it was a real treat to see her sitting courtside with Tully having so much fun. I was very happy for her.

Kevin Pelton interviewed her and got this little tidbit...

Seattle's definitely been wonderful for me. I love it there. It's been fantastic to me. The city itself, it couldn't be better. I'll raise my family there if I ever have one. The fans have been so passionate and have supported me throughout my career. My relationship with Seattle and the people there, it's never been better and every year it gets stronger.

Can you imagine a pack of little LJ's running around splashing in the International fountain? I, for one, am honored that she thinks so highly of our city. I chose it as the place I wanted to raise my family, too.

Do our local politicians and community members realize what they have in this woman? Do they realize what an ambassador she is for our city? Here is a person from across the world who LOVES her homeland, but she would choose Seattle as the place to raise her family. She is perhaps the best female basketball player in the world and she has completely adopted our city over all the others she has visited and played for. On top of that she raves about our city to everyone who asks in the media. What other pro athlete has done that for us lately? Were any of them at the top of their sport with multiple MVP awards and a league championship under their belt? LJ and her Australian team may knock the USA off at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but she still would want to raise her family here in our city.

Watch what she had to say when interviewed at halftime on ESPN...

Do you really want to let someone that special be sullied by owners from out of town who don't seem to care in the least about our city? The movers and shakers of this city need to get off their backsides and put together local ownership and a plan for where these teams will play in the next few years. They need to do it now. We don't need quiet, backroom meetings. We need people in the media making noise. We need someone telling David Stern that we care and that we know we can come up with a solution. They need to say flat out that Clay Bennett is the problem. They need to say that they can't negotiate with someone who won't sit down at the table with them. We need some action. Get to it folks.

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