Friday, September 14, 2007

Game Four

Did I already say that I don't like Detroit?

I miss the torrid pace of games one and two, but at least Westphal made the adjustment to playing the half court game in the second half and extended the series. Cappie, I still think you earned ROY last season and you should get MVP if your team pulls out Game 5.

Can I just say, "Thank you Taurasi..." for FINALLY forcing Nolan to her right. I know (even without Doris and Geno reminding us every three seconds) that Tweety is too fast to do it every possession, but this was the one possession the effort needed to be made.

I am sick of Bill's whining, and I still can't get enough of it. The man is a master. You really do enjoy hating him and yelling at him through the TV screen.

My favorite moment is still the Snell shot in the first half where Westhead (for the first time in history) told her not to shoot and pass it back and she just let loose and hit a three. Sorry, can't change something you worked so hard to program into them.

The loss of Ford is devastating. I want Phoenix to win...but I want them to do it by beating Ford as well. No player in the league has EVER rebounded like she does and now she can shoot the ball too. She will be league MVP some is inevitable. The look on Karl's face when she went down was one many of us shared.

On to Game think they make more 5 game series next season with the current ratings? Rumor is last night got near NBA Finals ratings.

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