Thursday, April 05, 2007

Storm Pick Purdue's Katie Gearlds

The Storm get the shooter they were looking for in Purdue's Katie Gearlds, and if they DO play her at the two guard, they will finally have some length at that position with the 6'1" forward. Given that Izi, Barb and Gortman all play the three, it is likely that AD intends Katie to play behind Betty. AD has gone with a rotation which then adapts in game based on matchups and player performance which opens up playing time for whoever is playing well in the game.

Found a Gearlds slideshow on youtube. She also has her own website. Jayda Evans has a nice piece in the Times about the draftees. Sounds like Brandi Hoskins, the injured third round pick who will sit out the 2007 season is the most excited person in the draft.
Hear about the draft on the new stormcast which also introduces us to the voice of David Locke's replacement on play by play, Alan Horton. For those of us fearing the airing of Storm games this season on conservative 770 KTTH (nothing is worse than turning on the radio for a Sonics game and catching the tail end of Rush Limbaugh), the Storm have announced that KKNW 1150 AM will be the Storm's radio partner. Thank you basketball deities for that little gift.
If you haven't seen The Heart of the Game, then rent it or buy it now. More on that on another day.

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