Monday, April 02, 2007

DVR Blues

Yesterday I recorded and watched the LSU/Rutgers game, though I had to record the game I really wanted to see, Tennessee/UNC, because I had a Sonics game last night. Foolishly, I apparently only set up the DVR to record the pregame show plus 30 minutes, which got me midway through the first half. Suddenly it ended and I missed everything that really mattered given that Latta and Parker were both in foul trouble by that time.

I got what I wanted with a Tennessee victory, but I missed the whole thing and then got to watch the Sonics fail at a comeback against the Nuggets.

Then today I didn't even remember to record the NCAA boys game, with Ohio State vs. Florida.

I WILL NOT forget the championship game tomorrow and I will watch the WNBA draft live on Wednesday. Catch Kevin Pelton's mock draft over at the Storm site. He seems to be thinking that a Lindsey Harding, Candice Dupree and Candance Parker trio in 2008 might be a nice coup for the Sky who are likely to struggle again this year and have a chance at next year's likely top pick. I am not so sure that Dan Hughes will pick Latta over Harding, but I have only seen Harding play once, and that isn't a great sample given the half dozen Latta games I have seen. I have just seen more weaknesses since I have had more time to watch her.

He's already reordered his draft from earlier today (he had Arminte Price going at the six) but he still has the Storm picking Noelle Quinn. I haven't seen her play, but her shooting numbers look solid AND consistent. She has played and scored well all four years, not true for every player out there. I think with Betty a lock to start at the two, it would be most critical to find a pure shooter for a reserve. Betty can play point, but she needs a shooter when she does since she is a slasher. This was a problem last year when they tried to pair Tanisha and Betty, especially since neither Turner or Castro-Marques are pure shooters. With strong slashers and posts available, a pure shooter would open things up when Sue is sitting out. Tully could hit the three from the point, but Sue could also play the 2 while Tully was at the point. The Storm have had less options in the past two years. With LJ's minutes likely to be curbed again this season, a shooter is paramount. We will know in two days.

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