Friday, April 13, 2007

Ray Allen WNBA Ad

Ray Allen has recorded a new WNBA ad this season that got national playing time during the NBA All Star Weekend and a lot of local play in the Seattle market during Sonics games on FSN. I watched the Sonics/Suns game on the local Phoenix station and they played the spot as well.

It is a nice commercial in spirit. Ray talks about how great the game is (you don't know it is the WNBA at the start) and what he likes best about the games, ending with saying that the most important thing is getting to share something with his daughter is shown in a Sue Bird "road green" jersey.

My only issue is that I can't remember ever seeing Ray at a game with his daughter. I have seen him there with his wife and baby, but not with his daughter.

Still, no one outside Storm season ticket holders are going to know that, and the message is great to get out with regards to getting NBA fans to bring their daughters to the games.

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