Friday, July 21, 2006

Trapped in the Wilderness

OK, not quite. I have been technology impaired while at my sister's cabin in southern Massachusetts which has no internet access, and I couldn't even get my dial up to work since my software was so out of date...sigh. In a hotel room with wireless internet before I catch an early flight home tomorrow.

Register here to get tied in to the movement to save the Storm and the Sonics. The Storm are key to the effort and these people know it. I know them...they are fans and ticket holders to both teams. Get involved...get active...they have even convinced me NOT to request a refund on my season tickets...despite my need to do something. I will try to channel it to something useful to keep the sport I love and the teams I feel are MINE here in MY city.

I will get game data up for the last two fiascos as soon as I can.

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