Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Live from the ASG (or at least nearby)

So here I am in Times Square in New York City. I am sitting overlooking the Hudsun river from the 43rd floor of the Westin. Actually I was sitting here last night as well...not knowing that around the corner from me there was a WNBA All Star photo shoot going on. I am entirely oblivious since I came in from Jersey and didn't approach the hotel from that side of town. So while I am up trying to recuperate from a full day of meetings in Manhattan and Mahwah, NJ, Sue Bird, Sheryl Swoopes and Lisa Leslie are doing the pose thing right outside. Sigh.

So, was that Cynthia Cooper I passed walking earlier in the day at the NBA store on my way to a meeting on 52nd street? I swear it was. The people I was with were talking about having seen Kobe Bryant once at the store and I interrupt to say....so what, I just saw Cynthia Cooper talking on her cell phone.

I am very excited about the game. I have nice seats (a gift from some associates who know I love the game) in Section 124. My three teenage nephews are takeing the train into the city with their Dad tomorrow, and I get to take the boys to the game while he strolls the city. I feared that they would not make it, but Nathaniel (the 16 year old) made sure his Mom and Dad understood just how disappointed he would be if they didn't figure out a way to make it work. So they are driving to Greenich and hopping a train. Somehow my brother-in-law convinced the 18 year old and 14 year old to come as well. I have wanted to take them to a game for years and am excited that they get the treat of an All Star Game as their first exposure to the WNBA. I only wish the Sun weren't their closest team (how about a Boston franchise already?).

I am not sure when my ASG report will be ready...I will have all four of them in my hotel room tomorrow, so I doubt I will get any writing done. Especially since I will need to pack for my flight home Thursday evening...can't miss the Liberty game on Friday. The Storm need a win.

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