Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Oklahoma City Tornado loses to the Sacramento Monarchs

The WNBA Oklahoma City Tornado suffered a royal beating at the hands of the Sacramento Monarchs in their temporary home at Licata Center in the city of Seattle. The players appear to be struggling to remain motivated while playing so far from their home court and their fan base and it clearly showed in their play...averaging a meager 11 points per quarter over the first three quarters of play, able to score only when three Monarchs players began playing cribbage on their end of the court leaving two defenders to guard the Storm.

I am in a foul mood, and don't buy the rhetoric of the former and new ownership with regard to keeping the teams in Seattle. It did not ring true coming out of the mouth of Clayton Bennett. Perhaps they will prove me wrong, but I am not holding my breath. At least we know what happened to Home Court advantage for the Storm this season...they don't have any since they don't play any home games.

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