Monday, July 17, 2006

7-14 Storm vs. Liberty

I know. I am late. Having trouble fitting travel, work, family, sleep and basketball all into one 24 hour day with the insane schedule of last week and this week.

This was an important game for the Storm. They could not afford to lose against a struggling team like the Liberty, they need to take advantage of the Comets being without Canty and Thompson for the moment, and they know they have the Eastern Conference champs on Sunday followed by the WNBA champs on Tuesday.

On a side note, I sat next to Kelly Schumacher of the New York Liberty on my flight from JFK to Seattle on Thursday night. She was stuck in the middle seat, so I gave up my aisle seat to give her some leg room, then the guy on the window gave her his seat since there was no seat in front of him due to the door location at row 9 on the American style of Boeing 757. She looked much more comfortable there. She seemed surprised that I knew who she was (pleasantly surprised, not oh, no, freaky stalker guy surprised) and when she thanked us for moving for her I told her she didn't need stiff legs because I wanted to see a good game on Friday. I wished her luck at the end of the flight for their road trip, but rescinded any luck for Friday.

She said, "Not against your girls, huh?"

"No way, we need a win," I replied.

"Believe me, so do we," was her final answer.

The game was a blowout from the 4:31 mark of the 1st quarter onward. The Liberty reserves made a push in the final 4:49 of the fourth against the Storm bench, but it was over long before that point. I applaud them for fighting through each of the 40 minutes of game time, those ladies have some serious heart. The only Liberty players in the positive as far as +/- were Erin Thorn (+3), Christelle N'Garsanet (+3) and Ashley Battle (+5).

Individual +/- and Net40

Lennox +12 +4
Bird +19 +18
Turner +16 +12
Jackson +24 +28
Burse +19 +18
Johnson +6 -8
Wright +12 +4
Castro +12 +4
Gortman -8 -36
Lawson -3 -26
Robinson -9 -38

Most Effective Lineups
Almost all of them...the best of the best, though was:

Bird-Lennox-Turner-Jackson-Burse: +6
Lawson-Wright-Castro-Jackson-Johnson: +6

Least Effective Lineups
Lawson-Wright-Gortman-Robinson-Johnson: -8
Bird-Lennox-Castro-Johnson-Burse: -6

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