Sunday, May 14, 2006

Storm Lose Again

The Storm fell to the Lynx yesterday...84-75, but since the game was played at a "guest" location, there is no box score or play-by-play results to analyze so we have to rely on some limited data from a guest writer for the Times. Other than Izi, who had a poor night, the starters looked relatively good, all scoring in double figures, though Betty took 16 shots and only hit four of them. That is still too many shots for Betty to take in a game. I wonder if the 24 second shot clock is putting the ball in Betty's hands to create more often than it did in the past. Turner and Johnson looked strong of the bench, with Taylor apparently not playing. Has she been waived or is AD giving Johnson a chance to show what she has before final cuts are made? Gortman and Edwards had unimpressive nights. Thanks to pd_swanson at Rebkell, I got at least a box score....

By the Numbers

Most Effective Offensive Players:
Wendy Palmer: 143.26
Barbara Turner: 129.64
Lauren Jackson: 105.40
Sue Bird: 103.11

Least Effective Offensive Players:
Betty Lennox: 74.48
Iziane Castro Marques: 51.73

Most Effective Defensive Players:
Lauren Jackson: 46% stop percentage
Shaunzinski Gortman: 46% stop percentage

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