Saturday, May 20, 2006

Simone Retires

Farewell Simi!

Our last remaining Storm original...the one, the only Jamaican Hurricane, Simi, she of the Doppler shake, Simone Edwards announced her retirement yesterday. Whatever her reasons, they are HER reasons, and we will lucky enough to get to say goodbye to her during Tuesday's game against the Houston Comets. The photo on this page is an AP photo taken by Elaine Thompson and is owned by the AP, it is posted here by direct link to it's original location on Yahoo!Sports. Her joy after winning the 2004 championship and the way she and the only other Storm original at the time, Kamila Vodickova shared it together are representative of how I will alway remember Simone. I fell for her and her radiant smile from my very first Storm game. I remember when my neighbors' dance class was performing at a game and Simi walked up to them and plucked their two year old son right out of their arms and carried him onto the court with her before the game. He had a look of awe on his face that matched the look of aprehension on his mother's face. She knew nothing about basketball or the Storm, and I assured her afterwards that Simone was just like that about kids. I think she is drawn to kids, and they to her so much because they share the same vibrance and joy of life that she radiates. For me, Simone is a big part of what makes going to Storm games such a special experience. I will miss her.

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