Sunday, May 21, 2006

Liberty @ Sun

I wasn't expecting too much from this game. I was interested to see how Whalen was Phillips was going to fit in and how the Liberty might look different with a full effort from Hammon.

This was another fast paced game with just around 80 possessions per team, though all the games on opening day were, with the defensively focused duo of the Shock and Fever having the low mark of 74 possessions each (remember last season the league averaged around 67). This 80 possession pace was about 10 possesions above the Sun's 2005 average and about 13 faster than the Liberty's 2005 average. The Sun managed an offensive rating of 114.79 which was about 10 points better than their 2005 average. The Liberty eked out a 93.34 which is 9 points below their 2005 average.

Connecticut Plus/Minus

Taj McWilliams-Franklin: +17
Erin Phillips: +13
Nykesha Sales: +12
Katie Douglas: +10
Asjha Jones: +10
Margo Dydek: +10
Lindsay Whalen: +7
Laura Summerton: +6
Megan Mahoney: -3
Jamie Carey: -9

Most Effective Lineups
Phillips-Douglas-Sales-McWilliams-Jones: +5
Phillips-Carey-Summerton-McWilliams-Jones: +5

Least Effective Lineups
Phillips-Mahoney-Carey-Summerton-Jones: -4
Carey-Douglas-Summerton-Jones-Willingham: -3

New York Plus/Minus
Loree Moore: 0
Ashley Battle: -3
Cathrine Kraayeveld: -4
Kelly Schumacher: -6
Kiesha Brown: -8
Becky Hammon: -12
Sherill Baker: -12
Shameka Christon: -16
Barbara Farris: -24

Most Effective Lineups
Hammon-Christon-Battle-Kraayeveld-Schumacher: +10
Hammon-Baker-Christon-Farris-Schumacher: +3

Least Effective Lineups
Hammon-Battle-Christon-Farris-Schumacher: -13
Hammon-Baker-Christon-Kraayeveld-Schumacher: -8

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