Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Random Thoughts

One thing I noted during the second half last night (when the Comets were playing O at my end of the floor) was the way they used the same play over and over again to pick the Storm defense apart. They set a screen or two on the right side of the court and cut to the middle, the center then leaks out to the three point drawing her defender left. We have the Storm heavy on the ball side and then the weakside leaks just as the ball crosses to the middle leaving a gaping hole in the middle of the floor. The couple of times Palmer or Jackson covered the middle on that play the ball was kicked out to Christensen or Thompson who hit the open jumper. Anne never got that hole closed.

I am going to stop posting Plus/Minus data for the non-Storm games. pd_swanson is publishing Plus/Minus for every WNBA game over at the Lynx Blog and that means the only value that I am adding is with the effective lineup data. I may continue to run the numbers now that my spreadsheets are better, but until I get a play-by-play that I can parse automatically that is a big time consumer for me. Anyone with tips or suggestions for parsing the play-by-play, I would appreciate the ideas.

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