Thursday, May 11, 2006

Locke in the Lead?

According to Jim Moore, the Seattle PI's Go2Guy, David Locke is the leading candidate for the Sonics radio play by play position, replacing Kevin Calabro who will focus on television play by play for next season. Calabro has been working NBA playoff games for NBA TV, particularly the Indiana/New Jersey series and regularly picks up ESPN gigs during the season. Over at Rebkell Locke got slammed as a mean and petty homer by Liberty fans who didn't appreciate his comments on the quality of the current New York roster made throughout the game. He has always been a passionate announcer for the Storm, and as a stat geek, I appreciate the time and effort he puts into sharing the statistical perspective with his audience. His style is somewhat polarizing, and folks tend to love it or hate it.

I have already posted my two cents on the subject here, and dropped my thoughts to the Sonics/Storm front offices via emails to Howard Schultz. I certainly hope he gets the job, but also that he sticks with the Storm as well.

The news is everywhere that JB aggravated her labrum tear injury and could be out for weeks. The important thing is that this means AD may keep more posts than usual to cover the start of the season. She has made it clear though that she can't keep the three she has in camp due to Salary. It will come down to one of the veterans, Simone or Johnson, in addition to the less expensive Taylor. We may not know until the start of the season which way Anne will go, though this weekends preseason games will likely give us indications based on performance and playing time. AD may also want to keep room in her roster for a backup point guard off the waiver wires. According to Kevin Pelton and David Locke's latest Stormcast, Francesca Zara has told the Chicago Sky that she is injured and will not play in the WNBA this season. All three of the Storm's international free agent players from 2005 have remained overseas for 2006.

NBA TV has published their schedule of games for the 2006 WNBA season (thanks to Jovany's post over at Rebkell) adding 5 more nationally aired games for Storm fans this season. Check out to look for a schedule of local airings for Seattle fans. A couple of dedicated fans have paid for NBA TV access and use their local theatre space to air the road games (free of charge of course). The events are at times attended by representatives from the Storm, including former players. Everyone who has attended raves about the great time had by all.

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