Monday, April 03, 2006

Tocarra Williams

It was suggested to me that I take a look at Tocarra Williams college numbers rather than her WNBA numbers to see if Boeglin's defense is as important to the Storm as I seem to feel. I got a chance to do so in Logan airport in Boston this here is what I came up with...

Tocarra Williams 03/04 Texas A&M
Floor %: 45%
Stop %: 77%
Off. Rtg: 91.95
Def. Rtg: 85.25

Boeglin still looks better to me, but I have to admit that a 77% stop percentage is still darn good and likely makes the need for Boeglin less pressing, if Williams is still able to play that level of defense at the WNBA level.

There is an interview with AD at the WNBA site where she makes it clear that she intends to pick best player available in the draft since bringing in veteran leadership via the Wendy Palmer signing. Where does that leave the Storm in this week's draft? Who will be the best pick at the 11th spot? The first six picks are probably a lock, but the next five will vary based on team needs and desires. With youth and strength in the post, I still expect AD to go for a perimeter player, likely a shooting guard or a small forward. She could look for a young center, but I doubt that she seeks a young point guard early. I will have to look more closely at the other players in that tier and see what my guesses are.

KJR has posted a podcast interview (I sent David Locke an email begging for it, glad to see it up there) with Anne Dononvan in Boston that was aired during the Sonics pregame show last night. My take on the interview is that AD is shooting for a SF at the 11th pick but will take a specific post player if she slips that far. She said she will NOT take a point guard at the 11th pick, that she feels she has solved that with their free agent signings. She never mentions a two guard which says that she is satisfied with the Betty/Tanisha rotation at that slot. She also indicates satisfaction that their 11th pick will play for them this season and help "down the stretch" along the lines of Tanisha Wright last year. She indicates the draft depth is strong enough to have players make rosters this year all the way into the early second round.

On a side is my resounding vote that Locke and Woodward get the nod to do both the Storm and the Sonics radio broadcasts on their new station next season. Kevin Calabro is going to do TV only (or radio when there is no TV) which means someone new is needed for the radio play by play. David will have to save the numbers talk for pregame/postgame and halftime, but I think he is a great choice to call the games.

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