Saturday, April 29, 2006

New Arrivals

The last Storm original, Simone Edwards, arrived in camp yesterday and is expected to practice today. Joining Simone was free agent Toccara Williams. According to Jayda Evans, Williams was waved early this week when she decided to skip camp and the season to spend time with an ailing grandparent. When her grandmother's health improved and the Storm came calling again, she agreed to play.

Based on what Jayda said yesterday, it looks like Erin Grant may not be in a Storm uniform much longer. As many have said, she appears to lack the strength or the bulk to play the point in the WNBA. Concerns over this may have led to the Storm checking back in with Williams. I am sure that the Storm are also closely watching the waiver wire to see if any other desired players become available. The same article hints that LJ may play less than 30 minutes per game this year to manage her pain and her injuries better than in previous years. With Wendy Palmer available, that should be possible. It will give Palmer some extra minutes and help save LJ for the post season.

Voting is online for the All-Decade team over at vote for your faves and give LJ and Sue a boost (I only voted for one of them...just wasn't room for both on my ballot.)

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